Top Fenders prides itself on offering a team of passionate and loyal mooring masters with extensive experience. Their competence is regularly upgraded with a complex training schedule. This dedication and expertise provide customers with the highest level of satisfaction and safety performance throughout the operation.

Our mooring masters have good oral and written communication skills and are able to deliver excellent performance to meet and exceed expectations.

TF provides the following comprehensive level of training to our team of  Mooring Masters:

  • 3 Weekly rotation training 
  • Annual Operational Assessment 
  • Annual Appraisal based on assessment results 
  • Biennial Assessment based on overall performance 
  • Vessels of similar size and nighttime berthing training by highly Tiered Mooring Masters 
  • LPG Training by an External Provider 
  • Online Oil Spill Awareness training
  • Dangerous Liquid Training by Elkins Marine 
  • Basic and Advance Fire Fighting Training by Joemarine institute 
  • Mooring Masters Simulator Training
  • Mooring Master Training Programme (Workbook)
Should you have any questions on the competency of our mooring masters please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  
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