Safe and efficient STS operations

We have successfully completed in excess of 3,000 STS operations for the international trading houses since we started operating in April 2010.


Fenders Maintenance

Prior to each operation the following inspections are carried out:

  • Check on any visual damage or weak shackles on the chain net
  • Check all tires are in sound condition and tightly fitted
  • Confirm that towing rings are safely secured with cotter pins
  • Confirm the connecting wires and ropes have no damages or twist and are safely secured
  • Check the fender body to make sure that no cuts or abrasion is present which may undermine the integrity of the fenders
  • Check fender pressure

Fenders Inspection

After every 9th operation or 1 month inspection (whichever comes first), we use Yokohama test kit to check the following:

  • Fender safety valve functioning accurately - vital in the warm climate of West Africa causing variations in air pressure.
  • Air pressure test carried out by continuously monitoring pressure for standard time interval.
  • Fenders are picked up onboard the support craft and a thorough inspection is carried out.

Annual Inspection:

  • Fenders are sent ashore to fully deflate and manufacturers’ recommended tests are carried out
  • End plates removed, sand blasted cleaned and refitted
  • Safety valves are overhauled and put through Manufacturer’s recommended testing procedures following then they are certified and ready to return to sea

Hoses Inspections

Prior to each operation each cargo hose is subjected to the following inspection:

  • Check on the hose body to make sure that no cuts or abrasions are present that may undermine the integrity of the hose itself
  • Check both flanges for surface conditions
  • Last cargo for which hose was used and the next cargo for which it is to be used

Annual Inspection:

  • Hoses are put to pressure testing at shore
  • Flanges cleaned, and surface preparation carried out
  • Remarking of hoses conducted
  • Hoses are put through Manufacturer’s recommended testing procedures then they are certified and ready to return to sea
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