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Thursday, 28 March 2013 15:26

African Refiners Association Conference 2013

We want to thank all our existing and new clients and friends that we met during the ARA 2013 Conference that was held between 18-22nd March at the Westin Hotel in Cape Town, South Africa.

Top Fenders attended the Conference in our usual manner and this year turned out to be a even bigger success than last year!

Thank you for all the support, we look forward seeing you all next year in Marrakesh!



Some facts about the African Refiners Association

The role of the African Refiners Association is to give a voice to African refiners. ARA's principal aims and objectives are:

  • To address economic environmental and social issues deemed by its membership to impact upon oil refining in Africa, or upon the importing of petroleum products into Africa.
  • To address issues within the international oil industry which impact on the African oil industry.
  • To promote the exchange of positive experiences between Members, as well as improve their technical and economic performance.
  • To improve communication and cooperation between its Members and the international oil market.
  • To achieve this, ARA cooperates with the relevant industry groups, governments, regulatory bodies, international agencies, academic institutions and non-governmental organisations.
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