Piracy Watch

In view of the recent piracy activity taking place offshore West Africa, Top Fenders actively monitors and provides relevant safety information, news and advice to our clients. We work closely with the local navies, agents, operators, owners and vessels in order to keep the region safe and secure.

Please find the latest news regarding the recent piracy activity in the West African region.

For more information regarding STS operations conducted at Lome territorial waters or any other location, please contact us for further information at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or +442032195780.

A speedboat approached a chemical tanker underway with intent to board. The 2/O raised the alarm, alerted the crew and made evasive manoeuvres to prevent the boarding. The pirates tried to board the vessel using hooks attached to a rope. The on-board security team fired warning shots at the boat and the pirates retaliated by returning fire. Facing resistance, the pirates aborted the attempt to board the vessel.

Pirates boarded and hijacked a tanker offshore Lagos yesterday afternoon. The vessel was last seen 1645hrs LT on 23rd January 55 miles south of Lome heading towards North of Ghana. Further information to follow.

Pirates boarded and hijacked a tanker and sailed her to an unknown location. They stole her cargo. The 16 crew members and tanker were released unharmed on the 22.01.2013. The vessel proceeded to Lagos port.

Four robbers in a blue and white coloured skiff approached an anchored product tanker. Armed guards onboard the tanker found the intention of the skiff aggressive and fired a warning shot. The skiff aborted the approach and moved away. Master called the Togo navy but received no response. At 2305 UTC, the skiff along with three similar skiffs approached the tanker at high speed from the bow, mid-ship and stern. The armed guards fired two warning shots in the air which were ignored by the skiffs which closed to the ship side and then moved along the ship side on towards the stern. Only when the armed team fried more warning shots did the skiffs move away. The Master heaved up the anchor and sailed further away from the anchorage area to drift. At 2320 UTC, Togo navy responded and the Master reported the incident to the navy.

A general cargo ship was approached by six robbers in three small boats as she anchored 5 nm off Lome, Togo (location 06°03.36N, 001°16.46E), at 2325 hours local time on Wednesday, 21 November. According to reports, the suspected pirates, who hid behind the bunker barge, approached the vessel twice over 30 minutes. It was reported that they approached from the port and starboard sides, but were unsuccessful due to a vigilant crew, hardening on the vessel and the presence of an on board security team.

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